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Step-by-Step Instructions

By John Oldham posted May 10, 2019

Getting a liitle house, garage, shed, or gazebo is easy today.  Here is a short to do list on how to get the process done.

1. What are your needs.  A good needs assesment goes a long way in being satisfied with your final solution.

2. Based on the needs, what building satisfies those needs best.

3. Where shall we place the building?  Is the area accessible by truck in order to drop off the building, or is it such as place that it will need to be built on-site.  Some of our garages are built on site due to their size.  This question can be answered while speaking with Andre or Jamey during the quote process.

4. What size of building do we think we will need?

5. What style shall we have.  Review catalogs for ideas.

6. How much might this cost? Refer to sample page of most popular costs / sizes.  Cost various on options.  this is a ballpark idea.

7. Call Jamey and Andre to setup a time to talk about options and what can be done.

8. Place your order with Jamey & Andre and choose a way to pay.  

9. Prepare the area you will have the building placed.

10. Schedule a time for building being droped off in place.

11. Enjoy the building!